Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad


Superteam attracts some of the best web3 talent and active participants from within the space. These are power users of Defi protocols, NFT marketplaces, Developer tools & a range of decentralised products/applications. The Alpha Squad is an opportunity for projects to tap into this community and find access to quality users for your products at every stage (Testing, Early Access, Launch, etc.)


  1. Early Validation: Alpha Squad provides a network of early users for testing and feedback, allowing you to validate your product's value proposition before launching it to a wider audience.
  2. Quality Web3 Users: You have access to a database of quality web3 users, including those with social reach to help your product gain traction.
  3. User Experience Optimisation: Alpha Squad offers a range of UX journeys to understand how your product is perceived by different user segments, identifying areas for improvement and optimisation.
  4. Valuable Feedback: You receive critical feedback and analysis from passionate users, providing valuable insights to your product.


  1. Sponsor a Deep Dive bounty with a minimum prize pool of $1000
  2. Share invite links or access codes with us
  3. We will list the bounty and share access with the entire ‘Alpha Squad’ user base
  4. At the end of this you will receive a Deep Dive bounty listing on & and 10 to 30 Submissions + immediate access to the alpha squad user base for your product

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