Crosschain Clubhouse HQ

Crosschain Clubhouse HQ


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Zo World BLR: Tower 2, 12th Floor

🙋‍♂️ Get to know your peers

You will be entering a world of opportunities and challenges during the Clubhouse. The first thing to keep in mind is that the friends you make might be the most important thing you will do at the Hostel. Some may even turn into your lifelong friends.

🏡 Facilities

During the 14 days of the hacker hostel, builders will have access to Zo World’s living facilities so they focus on learning and building. Zo World’s facilities include:

  • Fully furnished, air-conditioned living space for top 16 builders.
  • Desk with a monitor to plug in and work at.
  • Swimming pool, Gym, a small Terrace garden, and yoga classes to keep you fit.
  • Talks, mentoring, and product sessions to up-skill and learn together.
  • A bunch of other BLR food excursions, games, and activities, to bond with your buddies.
  • Concierge and Laundry services.
  • Wifi: Zo House, Password: BeHumble321

🛌 Sleeping arrangements

All roomies have been decided at random. Please follow the open-door policy, i.e. all rooms to be remain open and walk-in for any other attendees during the daytime.

  • Gutter Den: madhavg.eth#4168, akshat_3.14#1072, Vampo#7152, 0xRay#2182
  • CC0: darkar#6201, SoulNinja#5204, 0xaryan#4471, yashhsm#9203
  • Bored Room:.cosmix#7813, irffan#2419
  • 721A: sahilpabale#8371, Ujjwal Gupta#2523
  • Townsville: dhruvraj#6241, Mr.Peer#6656, hersh4786#5250

⏳ How the day will look like?

  • Calendar here, please subscribe to it on your Google Calendar so that you are upto date with what’s happening.
  • Group updates, discussions (morning and evening) & Tech talks are mandatory to attend.
  • Everything else that will happen which are optional and you can choose to spend your time building

🍕 Food & Drinks

  • Breakfast on buffet will be on from 8 AM to 10:30 AM. Mostly vegetarian breakfast. Kitchen will be open so you can order whatever you want as well.
  • Lunch on buffet as well from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Mandatory communal lunch with all the residents at this time.
  • Dinner will be fully a la carte. Order from the kitchen as per your convenience.
  • Cold brew coffee, Diet Coke and Redbull will be stocked and available throughout the day.
  • Wastage will be looked down upon strictly and we may cut off anyone who wastes food from the tab after a warning.
  • See the complete tentative
    Meal Itinerary

👾 Community Rules

We have a few rules that we ask you to follow while you're here:

  1. Substances: No smoking or consumption of illegal substances inside the hostel premises. No underage drinking. No public consumption of alcohol at the hostel during the day.
  2. Open door policy: All doors will be open between your wake up to sleep times. Be approachable and collaborate, talk to everyone!
  3. Language: Do not use harmful language of any kind (no racial slurs, gender-specific insults, etc.).
  4. Share: If you’re ordering food, be sure to ask your roommates or anyone you’re working around if they’d like to get something too.
  5. Jackass rule: Don’t be a jackass. Be kind and respectful to others and all shall be fine.

CCC Projects

❓ Frequently asked questions

What should I carry?
  • Daily essentials like toiletries, etc.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • Monitors and desk will be provided but get your own laptop, chargers, mice and keyboards.
  • It might be raining in Bangalore so a water-resistant jacket and shoes will be good to carry too.
What is mandatory?

The morning discussions at 10:30 AM, dev talks usually at 5:30 PM, and the evening sync tentatively at 9PM will be mandatory to attend.

Can I invite my friends over to use the workspace?

The purpose of the hacker hostel is to meet with other builders and community members. In case necessary, you are free to invite other friends & builders between 5 PM to 10 PM which will be beyond deep work hours.

What type of activities can I expect?

There will be a range of activities to keep you engaged and refreshed throughout, from small Excursions to fitness classes like Yoga & Cross-fit.

Will there be a Demo Day?

Yes, We will give each project the opportunity to present what they have built over 2 weeks towards the end of the presentation. This is to ensure maximum visibility in the community. We will also top up best projects with grants.

What shouldn’t I bring?

Weapons of any kind, drugs, or alcohol. If you’re unsure whether something will be okay, please ask ahead of time!

Did we miss something?

DM us your questions on Twitter @superteamIN or reach out to us at neilshroff#2180 on Discord or neilshroff on telegram.

CCC Projects
Meal Itinerary