Hyperdrive Hacker Hostel HQ

Hyperdrive Hacker Hostel HQ


All announcements will be made on the telegram group that you have already been added to

Reporting in DEL

7 PM, Oct 7, Aerocity Metro Departure: 8 PM, Aerocity Metro Station, DEL Arrival: 9 AM, DHM


Altspaced, Dharamshala: Thehr, Khanyara Rd, Dharamshala, HP (Google Map Link)


We will take the same bus back on the night of 16th October 2023, after turning in our submissions.

🙋‍♂️ Get to know your peers

You will be entering a world of opportunities and challenges during the Hacker Hostel. Keep in mind that the friends you make might be the most important thing you will do at the Hostel. Some may even turn into your lifelong friends.

🏡 Facilities

During the 8 days of the hacker hostel, builders will have access to Altspaced’s living and sports facilities so they focus on learning and building. The HH’s facilities include:

  • Fully furnished living space for the top 25 Hyperdrive Participants from India.
  • Desk with a monitor to plug in and work at, in a dedicated co-working space.
  • A bunch of activities to help you unwind, such as bonfire, volleyball, badminton, cricket, football, and board games.
  • Talks, mentoring, and product sessions to help you make your project better.
  • Community laundry services.
  • In-house breakfast, lunch and dinner.

📶 Wifi Access

  • Name: AltSpaceCowork_01 Password: Keepshipping@11
  • Name: AltSpaceCowork_02 Password: Keepshipping@11
  • Name: AltSpaceColive_01 Password: Happyliving@11
  • Name: AltSpaceColive_02 Password: Happyliving@11

🍕 Food & Drinks

  • Meal Timings:
    • Breakfast 8 to 9 AM
    • Lunch 1:30 to 2:30 PM
    • Coffee 4 to 5 PM
    • Dinner 8 to 9 PM
  • Meal Plan
  • There is no custom menu or paid cafeteria. Participants are free to order via Zomato.

👾 Community Rules

We have a few rules that we ask you to follow while you're here:

  1. Substances: No smoking or consumption of illegal substances inside the hostel premises. No underage drinking. No public consumption of alcohol at the hostel during the day.
  2. Language: Do not use harmful language of any kind (no racial slurs, gender-specific insults, etc.).
  3. Share: If you’re ordering food, be sure to ask your roommates or anyone you’re working around if they’d like to get something too.
  4. Decorum: Please do not be loud, especially in the coworking space. Please do not play table tennis after 10pm. In case you go out, please try to make it back to the campus by 11pm. If you order something from Zomato please collect it from the main campus gate. Food delivery agents are not allowed inside.
  5. Jackass rule: Don’t be a jackass. Be kind and respectful to others and all shall be fine.

Hyperdrive Projects

❓ Frequently asked questions

What should I carry?
  • Daily essentials like toiletries, etc.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • Monitors and desk will be provided but get your own laptop, chargers, mice and keyboards.
Can I invite my friends over to use the workspace?

No you may not invite anyone else to the Hacker Hostel. You are free to meet them anywhere else externally.

What type of activities can I expect?

There will be a range of activities to keep you engaged and refreshed throughout, from small excursions to some fitness sessions.

What shouldn’t I bring?

Weapons of any kind, drugs, or alcohol. If you’re unsure whether something will be okay, please ask ahead of time!

Did we miss something?

Reach out to us at pratikd on Discord or pratikdholani on telegram.

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