Hxro Developer Cohort

Hxro Developer Cohort

💸 Earn for learning and building DeFi apps on Hxro!

The Hxro Elite10 Developer Cohort is a 2-week program for Superteam developers to learn and build DeFi applications. Selected applicants will participate in a 2-week curriculum of classes, support, and mentorship dedicated to building and developing products on top of Hxro Network’s core protocols — Dexterity and the Parimutuel protocol, using their respective SDKs.

💱 About Hxro Network

Hxro is a distributed liquidity layer and provides the primary infrastructure for building derivatives trading and betting applications on Solana. Developers can integrate their applications using Hxro’s easy-to-use Python and Typescript SDKs, which allow builders to focus on creating unique user experiences.

🏛 Cohort Structure

  • Core Concepts (week 1): Focus on learning fundamental, market-related subject matter that will help builders to better understand how DeFi, TradFi, and derivatives markets work. This prior context is critical in order for builders to achieve their overarching goal of developing cutting-edge, user-friendly DeFi products on top of Hxro Network protocols.
  • BUIDL Week (week 2): Daily office hours to assist participants in the development of their POC Projects.
  • Participants who submit a POC project will be rewarded 3,750 $HXRO and will be given the chance to pitch their project to core Hxro Network contributors for the chance to receive a ✖️Hxro Network - #ProofOfHxro Instagrants towards the continued development of their project!

🗓️ Details

  • Start date: Monday, May 15, 2023
  • Submission Deadline: Sunday, May 28, 2023
  • Hours: 4:30PM 🇩🇪 / 8PM 🇮🇳 / 9:30PM 🇹🇷
  • Week 1 Class Schedule:
    • Day 1: Intro to Finance
    • Day 2: Intro to Derivatives
    • Day 3: Basics of DeFi
    • Day 4: How to build on Hxro
    • Day 5: Opportunities and Ideas

🎯 Eligibility

You’re a perfect fit for the cohort if you are a developer who is:

  • Curious about building in DeFi
  • Interested in learning the fundamentals of traditional finance, derivatives, and decentralized finance
  • Focused on creating exciting and unique user experiences
  • From Germany, Turkey, or India

🧠 Areas of focus for builders

  1. Parimutuel-style markets
    1. Leverage Hxro’s Parimutuel Protocol to easily create new and novel markets for different types of events (Sports, in-person events, crypto, racing, etc.).
    2. Create gamified experiences that allow users to interact with Hxro’s Parimutuel Protocol.
  2. Dexterity-powered dAPPs
  3. Leverage Hxro’s Dexterity SDKs to create the next generation of derivatives DEXes and trading applications

📥 Apply to join the Cohort now!

Have a question about #ProofOfHxro that isn't answered above? DM @Thales | Hxro Labs | Lamport DAO#6027 on Discord for help, or join the Hxro Community Discord #Builder-chat channel.
The core team does not manage the Developer Cohort or endorse the HXRO token in any way. No financial investment is solicited or required in anyway, any tokens given to developers are purely as a grant or reward for contribution to the ecosystem. Token price might be volatile so please do your own research before proceeding.