Job Seeker Reading List

Resources for Job Seekers

Reading List

Proof of Work
How to write an effective developer resume
Making your Designer Portfolio stand out
What do job-seeking developers need in their GitHub?
Standing out in the non tech part of a technical interview
Smart Moves to Make in a Technical Interview (That Have Nothing to Do With Coding)
Tips for Video Interviews
How to Ace Your Job Interview via Zoom
Nailing the tech interview
How to crack an interview - even if you’re not qualified for the job
30+ Questions to Ask in a Job Interview
Due Diligence
The Reverse Interview: How To Choose Your Next Company
Before Accepting That Job Offer, Do Your Due Diligence
Token Compensation - a Brief Explainer for Job Candidates
10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation
Equity for Engineers
Onboarding yourself at a new job

Function Specific Resources

Growth and Community
Tips for managing new and emerging communities
Driving business growth by fostering community
Evan Hamilton’s blog
The Holy Grail of Building Communities
To Start Building Community, Master These Two Concepts
Community resources for frontend
Frontend Interview Questions
System Design for Backend Development
Community resources for a backend interview
Think Your App Is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience Design
A Rant against Pretty App Designs
Rust Development
Memory safety and fuzzers in Rust projects
Rust Interview Questions
PM Mock Interviews and Product teardowns
Zero to PM
Manas Saloi’s blog