Hackathon Resources

Hackathon Resources

Building for a Solana Global Hackathon? You’re in the right place. Superteam’s goal is to help onboard as many builders as possible from around the world - use the resources to build a project that grabs a piece of the $5,000,000 prize pool!

💫 The Ultimate Solana Hackathon Pitch Deck

After reviewing literally hundreds of hackathon presentations, we’ve come up with a simple to use template that covers all the essential points. To use it, just click on the image below, click File → Make a Copy, and then edit it with your own content.


📽️ 5 Pro-Tips to Win the Solana Hackathon

Kash and Akshay sat down to walk through essential tips for any builder competing in a Solana Hackathon. Watch the whole video to see quotes from judges, past winners, and actual examples from prior hackathons. Here are the five topics covered:

  1. Look for problems, not buzzwords
  2. Build Solana-unique products
  3. Start telling people ASAP
  4. Make a functional UI
  5. Spend quality time on your presentation

💡 Find Inspiration for Your Next Project

We built Superteam Build to inspire the next wave of Solana builders. On the site, you’ll find a range of ideas for you to build, inspired by real problems that are facing users and founders across the ecosystem. And in case that’s not enough, we also compiled a list of previous hackathon winners here that you can use for further inspiration!