Hacker Hostel: Dharamshala
Hacker Hostel: Dharamshala

Hacker Hostel: Dharamshala

🏗️ What is Hacker Hostel?

Hacker Hostel Dharamshala is a week-long, invite-only, co-working & co-living space in the foothills of the Himalayas. Its mission is to support the best teams and projects building for the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon.

The Dharamshala Hacker Hostel by Superteam India offers a space for developers to stay, eat and code in the hills — away from any distractions, and building non-stop for the Hyperdrive hackathon. Like previous Solana global hackathons, Hyperdrive is where we expect legendary Solana projects to be born.

Interested in joining Hacker Hostel Dharamshala? Register here, and we might invite you!

Dates: 7 to 15 October, 2023

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🏙️  Community-run Hacker Hostels

In addition to the invite-only Hacker Hostel in Dharamshala, there will be community-run Hacker Hostels that all other members can organize as well.

  • Only members shall be initiate a community-run Hostel, but any Hyperdrive participant is allowed to join
  • Solana Foundation will support the best Hacker Hostel proposals by providing a grant to cover accommodation in whichever city in India you want!
  • Want to organise a Hacker Hostel for your own gang? Find at least 2 other teams to join you, and get in touch with @NeilShroff regarding further steps.


Hyperdrive submissions from India qualify for a chance to be awarded exclusive local prizes, in addition to the global prizes.

🇮🇳 Superteam India Grand Prizes

  • 🥇 1st Place: ₹2,50,000
  • 🥈 2nd Place: ₹1,50,000
  • 🥉 3rd Place: ₹75,000



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Who can participate?

There are two types of Build Stations: the invite-only Dharamshala and community-run Build Stations. For community-run Build Stations, get in touch with a Superteam member or contributor and convince them to send us a request on our Discord.

Do I need to register to participate in the Hacker Hostel?

Yes, you need be a registered hackathon participant and have to apply for a spot here to considered for an invite.

Where is Hacker Hostel taking place?

Invite-only Hacker Hostel is taking place in Dharamshala. Community-run houses can be hosted anywhere in India!