Anchor Book: Building & Testing

Anchor Book: Building & Testing

The Anchor book is a concise guide to the Solana program framework, Anchor. It helps developers build, deploy, and interact with smart contracts on the Solana blockchain, covering essential topics like development setup, program creation, state management, and Rust integration. This resource offers examples and best practices for utilizing Solana's high-performance, low-cost infrastructure.

Write the official documentation for Anchor building & testing in the unfinished 4.2.7 Building & Testing section of the Anchor book.

Follow the patterns laid down by the completed prior sections of the Anchor book.

Be sure to include code snippets and be as descriptive as possible, walking through all important concepts, functions, macros, or lines of code step-by-step.

You are encouraged to do your own research but if necessary you may contact Anchor contributors through GitHub using their preferred means of communication - likely GitHub issues. Your suggested documentation must meet approval by Anchor maintainers and/or contributors and be merged into production.

Grant Agreement


The purpose of this grant is to fund the development of official documentation for the aforementioned software development tool. The documentation should include code snippets and detailed explanations about what each snippet does to provide a comprehensive guide for developers to use the tool effectively. The documentation should be of high quality and demonstrate best practices, accuracy, and conciseness.

Grant Recipient Eligibility:

The grant is open to individuals or organizations with experience and proficiency in writing technical documentation. Applicants must have a proven track record of delivering high-quality technical documentation and experience in software development. Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate their understanding of the software development tool and have experience using it.

Grant Deliverables:

The grant recipient is expected to deliver the following:

  • Comprehensive official documentation for the software development tool, including code snippets and detailed explanations about what each snippet does.
  • The documentation should be neat, concise, and accurate, with clear and easy-to-understand language.
  • The documentation should be submitted to the specified GitHub repository, where it will be publicly accessible for review and use by other developers.
If you are interested in completing this RFP, apply for it at here. If its not visible in the dropdown it may have been already taken. You should receive acceptance or rejection of your application within 72 hours.