Build AI tool with Vercel AI SDK powered by USDC

Build AI tool with Vercel AI SDK powered by USDC

RFP Agreement


The goal of this RFP is to spur the development of an AI tool leveraging the Vercel AI SDK. This tool, which will be constructed using Next.js and deployed on Vercel, will incorporate a USDC payment solution to enable users to pay for AI model requests. The end product should not only allow users to make AI model requests, perform analyses, and gain insights, but also to request customized AI models. This solution is expected to be highly secure, user-friendly, responsive, and capable of efficiently handling a high volume of requests while preserving users' privacy. The AI tool should be scalable and accompanied by an intuitive front-end design to facilitate easy navigation.

RFP Recipient Eligibility:

  • To qualify for this RFP, developers must demonstrate proficiency in Next.js and experience with deploying applications on Vercel. They should also have familiarity with integrating payment solutions, specifically USDC, and experience in building AI tools or dApps using the Vercel AI SDK.
  • As with the previous RFP, full stack developers who are beginners, but have the ability to execute on the deliverables, are welcome to apply. The RFP amount will be disbursed on a per-milestone basis, emphasizing the importance of the developer's ability to deliver on commitments.

RFP Deliverables:

The following deliverables are expected from this RFP:

  • A fully functional AI tool, built using Next.js, hosted on Vercel, and powered by the Vercel AI SDK.
  • A robust and secure USDC payment solution integrated into the AI tool to facilitate user payments based on the type and number of requests.
  • The tool should enable users to make AI model requests, perform analyses, gain insights, and request custom AI models.
  • An interactive front-end design offering easy navigation.
  • An efficient and scalable back-end infrastructure to handle a high volume of requests.
  • Detailed documentation, including a comprehensive README file, to guide users and developers in the setup and use of the tool.


This RFP represents a fantastic opportunity for developers experienced in Next.js, Vercel deployments, the Vercel AI SDK, and USDC payment integrations. The completion of this project will result in a dynamic AI tool that marries the power of artificial intelligence with the convenience and security of USDC payments.

If this RFP piques your interest, you can apply for it at here. If it is not visible in the dropdown, it may have already been taken. We aim to respond to applications within 72 hours of receipt. Please note that failure to deliver satisfactory deliverables could result in adjustment or withholding of the RFP amount. All code and materials developed under this RFP will be open-sourced and published on a GitHub repository of our choosing.