ChatGPT Clone powered by USDC

ChatGPT Clone powered by USDC

RFP Agreement


This RFP is designed to encourage the development of a ChatGPT clone with integrated USDC micro-payment system. Built with Next.js and React, the clone will mimic the capabilities of ChatGPT, enabling immersive, real-time text conversations. The monetization model will center around a top-up system, where users pay with USDC to access chat services. Solana Pay will be integrated into the system for efficient and reliable transaction processing. Users should be able to easily view their remaining balance and top up their account as needed. The platform must ensure user privacy, data security, and provide a smooth conversational experience.

RFP Recipient Eligibility:

  • To be considered for this RFP, developers must have proven experience in creating applications using Next.js and React. They should also have a good understanding of AI conversational models like ChatGPT and familiarity with integrating payment solutions, specifically USDC, using Solana Pay.
  • Even if you are a beginner full stack developer but can demonstrate the capability to deliver, you can still apply. The RFP amount will be disbursed on a per-milestone basis, putting emphasis on your ability to execute.

RFP Deliverables:

Expected deliverables for this RFP are as follows:

  • A fully functional ChatGPT clone developed using Next.js and React.
  • Integration of a USDC micro-payment system, built around a top-up method.
  • Solana Pay implementation for efficient transaction processing.
  • Features for users to view their remaining balance and top-up their account as needed.
  • Assurance of user privacy and data security.
  • Detailed documentation, including a comprehensive README file, outlining the setup and operation of the clone.


This RFP offers an exciting opportunity for developers with experience in Next.js, React, AI conversational models, and USDC payment integrations using Solana Pay. Successful completion will result in a clone of ChatGPT with an integrated USDC micro-payment system.

If this RFP piques your interest, you can apply for it at here. If it is not visible in the dropdown, it may have already been taken. We aim to respond to applications within 72 hours of receipt. Please note that failure to deliver satisfactory deliverables could result in adjustment or withholding of the RFP amount. All code and materials developed under this RFP will be open-sourced and published on a GitHub repository of our choosing.