Conduct Technical Workshop

Conduct Technical Workshop

Run a workshop for a community of >50 people using one of the workshops found at Submit proof of workshop run with attendees via a recording

RFP Agreement

Overview: The purpose of this RFP is to fund an instructor to conduct a technical workshop on building on the Solana blockchain. The primary objective of the workshop is to educate developers on how to build decentralized applications using Solana. We want to ensure that the workshop is conducted in front of a live audience and recorded for future reference. The recording should be submitted to a specific GitHub repository on We expect the RFP recipient to deliver high-quality content that meets the needs of the Solana developer community.

RFP Recipient Eligibility: To be eligible for this grant, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must have experience building decentralized applications on Solana or a similar blockchain.
  • The applicant must have a solid understanding of the Solana blockchain and its technical specifications.
  • The applicant must have the necessary equipment and resources to conduct a live workshop and record it.

Grant Deliverables: The grant recipient will be required to deliver the following:

  • A detailed workshop plan and curriculum that outlines the topics that will be covered in the workshop. The plan should include an estimated timeline for each topic and a breaÔkdown of the resources needed.
  • A live workshop that is conducted in front of a live audience. The workshop should cover the topics outlined in the workshop plan and provide hands-on experience with building decentralized applications on Solana.
  • A high-quality recording of the workshop that is submitted to The recording should include all the content covered in the live workshop, including the Q&A sessions.
  • A final report that summarizes the impact of the workshop and includes feedback from the attendees. The report should also provide any recommendations for future workshops.
If you are interested in completing this RFP, apply for it at here. You should receive acceptance or rejection of your application within 72 hours after which you can go ahead and conduct the workshop.