Create a Twitter-Gated NFT Drop using Hub APIs

Create a Twitter-Gated NFT Drop using Hub APIs

Create an application using Holaplex Hub's APIs to gate access to an NFT drop based on specific user actions on Twitter.

RFP Agreement


This RFP seeks the creation of an application that leverages Hub's APIs and Twitter APIs*.

The application will grant access to an NFT drop based on whether a user has performed specific actions on Twitter, such as liking a tweet, retweeting a tweet, quote-retweeting a tweet, commenting on a tweet, tweeting using a specific hashtag, or a combination of these actions. The developed code should be professionally crafted, meticulously documented, and ready for sharing on a GitHub repository.

  • Note: Leveraging the Twitter API isn’t strictly mandatory. If you plan to use different solution or service that can achieve the same result at scale, please do apply.

RFP Recipient Eligibility:

Applicants for this RFP should be competent developers with demonstrated experience in developing applications using APIs.

No knowledge of smart contracts is required, since Hub abstracts away all of that making your lives easier.

The applicants should also be capable of illustrating their capacity to complete the project within the proposed timeline and deliverables.

Beginner full stack developers with no proof of experience can still apply. The RFP amount will be disbursed on a per-milestone-basis, so your ability to execute is all that matters.

RFP Deliverables:

The following deliverables are required for this RFP:

  1. A fully functional (web) application that successfully gates access to an NFT drop based on specific Twitter user actions.
  2. A starter repository enabling anyone to swiftly set up the aforementioned experience and gate an NFT drop based on Twitter user actions of their preference.
  3. A comprehensive README file with clear instructions on how to set up and operate the application.

The Holaplex team will provide the design of the starter application upon acceptance of this RFP. If the above deliverables are not met to a satisfactory level, the RFP amount may be adjusted or withheld. Please note that all code and materials developed under this RFP will be open-sourced and made available on a GitHub repository of our choosing.