Create an NFT Traits Dressing Room

Create an NFT Traits Dressing Room

Build a user-friendly platform for equipping traits on NFTs, which is essential to unleash the creative potential of trait swapping.

RFP Agreement


This RFP aims to provide funding for the development of an open-source public “dressing room” for equipping traits on NFTs. The trait swapping programs currently are Metaplex Fusion and Raindrops’ Boots. However, they lack good DX (Developer Experience) and don’t have useable self-serve front-ends.

Why is this important? The notion of trait swapping and equipping is really interesting, not only in terms of how brands can leverage this functionality but also in its potential applications across unrelated fields. Just imagine the possibilities of enhancing your NFT identity by equipping it with acquired "traits" from a decentralized learning center that issues an NFT upon course completion. This opens up a world of creative exploration.

However, the current state of documentation, examples, and end-user products remains limited, impeding the realization of the full creative potential in this domain. Consequently, an outpouring of innovative ideas has yet to be witnessed. Therefore, the implementation of a dressing room-like platform, facilitating the seamless integration of traits onto NFTs, would be a compelling and welcomed development.

Moreover, we remain receptive to other products that can enhance the utility of trait swapping in this context.

RFP Recipient Eligibility:

To be eligible for this RFP, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a strong technical background in software development and experience building blockchain applications, particularly on Solana.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the Solana ecosystem and how the proposed software will add value to it.
  • Have basic understanding of Solana NFT standards like Metaplex.
  • Have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software products.
  • Be able to commit to meeting the RFP deliverables within the specified timeline.

RFP Deliverables:

The RFP recipient is responsible for delivering the following:

  • An Open-source NFT dressing room tool for equipping and swapping of Solana NFT traits
  • Documentation that meets all appropriate standards for a production-grade build.
  • The final version of the software and all relevant documentation must be delivered within the agreed upon timeframe beginning after the RFP approval date.
This RFP is intended to support the development of high-quality software that will aid in the development of applications on the Solana blockchain. The RFP recipient must demonstrate their ability to deliver a well-designed and documented software programming tool or framework that adheres to industry best practices. We believe that the successful completion of this RFP will significantly contribute to the growth and development of the Solana ecosystem.
If you are interested in completing this RFP, apply for it at here. If its not visible in the dropdown it may have been already taken. You should receive acceptance or rejection of your application within 72 hours.