Cross-chain deposits for in-app assets

Cross-chain deposits for in-app assets

A cross-chain deposit mechanism for users to seamlessly purchase in-game assets.

Grant Agreement


The RFP seeks proposals for building a cross-chain deposit mechanism for in-app assets on a gaming platform built on Solana. To provide a seamless user experience, the platform allows users to deposit any supported token from other chains like Ethereum or Polygon. Through Wormhole, users can send tokens directly to the platform's contract on the destination chain, enabling them to buy in-game assets. The platform can even compose on top of swaps to enable users to deposit in any currency they choose.

Grant Recipient Eligibility:

To be eligible for this grant, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a strong technical background in software development and experience building blockchain applications.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the Solana ecosystem and how the proposed software will add value to it.
  • Have a proven track record of building cross-chain deposit mechanisms.
  • The recipient should have experience in developing and integrating with Wormhole.
  • Have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software products.
  • Be able to commit to meeting the grant deliverables within the specified timeline.

Grant Deliverables:

The grant recipient is responsible for delivering the following:

  • A well-designed cross-chain deposit mechanism that allows users to deposit any supported token from other chains like Ethereum or Polygon, and buy in-game assets on the Solana-based platform.
  • Neat and concise code that follows best practices, with accurate spelling and comments where needed.
  • Smart contracts that handle the cross-chain deposit mechanism, including token transfers and asset purchases.
  • Documentation on how to integrate and use the cross-chain deposit mechanism that meets all appropriate standards for a production-grade build.
  • The final version of the mechanism and all relevant documentation must be delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe beginning after the grant approval date.


This grant is intended to support the development of a cross-chain mechanism for users to seamlessly purchase in-game assets that will aid in developing robust applications on the Solana blockchain. The grant recipient must demonstrate their ability to deliver a well-designed and documented tool that adheres to industry best practices. We believe that the successful completion of this grant will significantly contribute to the growth and development of the Solana ecosystem.

If you are interested in completing this RFP, apply for it at here. If its not visible in the dropdown it may have been already taken. You should receive acceptance or rejection of your application within 72 hours.