Circle Grants Program
Circle Grants Program

Circle Grants Program

💸 Get up to $5k to build on Circle Ecosystem

Superteam now supports Circle Grants and recommends applicants with high community reputation scores. These are grants for projects that increase the adoption of Circle’s products, like USDC, EUROC, CCTP, Verite, and more. Even though the primary focus of the grants is to fund dApps, integrations, and technical contributions that increase the total number of active wallets with USDC, etc., we’re happy to support dev tooling projects, educational content, developer tutorials, and community and media work as well.

As the sole issuer of USDC, Circle is committed to supporting developers globally across blockchain communities and helping to deliver the vision of free, open, and permissionless internet. Anyone with an idea or proof of work is welcome to apply and receive a funding decision for a $1 - 5,000 grant. Upon approval by their team, payouts will be made as per Circle’s monthly grant cycle.

👩‍💻 Areas of focus:

  1. Build dApps: Use Circle’s developer APIs to build dApps to accept traditional and USDC payments, automate payouts, embed multi-asset accounts into your product or service, or power your internet marketplace.
  2. Dev Tooling: Create tools, programs, and hacks to make it easier and faster for engineers to build the next generation of dApps using Circle APIs.
  3. Education: Create videos, articles, explainers, case studies, deep dives, technical tutorials, etc., to onboard users, builders, and projects to Circle’s ecosystem.
  4. Community: Organize hackathons, university initiatives, workshops, and other events to educate about Circle’s products and developer APIs in your local builder's communities.

🎯 Quick RFPs

If you don’t know where to get started, you can proceed by applying to complete one of the following RFPs as well:

🧠 Broad ideas of interest

  1. Commerce and Checkouts: Build solutions that help businesses and creators to accept USDC & EUROC on low-cost blockchains like Solana via different channels like e-commerce, Point-of-Sale, and Scan-and-Pay. The solutions should be practically feasible and significantly increase onboarding and payment acceptance UX for merchants. The merchants can be for a particular niche like the fashion industry or generalized for all purposes as well.
  2. Wallets: Create a multi-chain USDC wallet, where a user only interacts with USDC while the chain and gas fees are abstracted away. It can also be extended further as “wise”-like multi-currency wallet with EUROC and other local stablecoins.
  3. Banking and Fintech Integrations: Stablecoins like USDC allows for holding currencies like dollars on the blockchain without needing a bank account. Think of ways in which banking can be solved for both businesses and individuals using USDC. Making it easy for existing FinTechs and Superapps to integrate USDC via plug-and-play SDKs. Case studies can also be created, along with detailed mock-ups on how USDC can be integrated into popular applications like Revolut or Venmo (which can be both global or regional).
  4. Borrowing and Lending: Build protocols which enable lending and borrowing via USDC - can be completely on-chain like AAVE or Real-World Asset based like Credix Finance, where USDC solves for programmable and borderless money. USDC can also serve as a base asset for investing in tokenized assets like fixed income, real estate, and commodities by both retail and institutional investors. Institutional DeFi use cases, where USDC solves for the trusted digital dollar of choice and stable and programmable liquidity, can also be explored.
  5. Payouts and Payrolls: Stablecoins like USDC enables developers to connect their products to an uber-money API that delivers 24/7 liquidity and near-instant payments to anyone with an internet connection. Apart from traditional employee payrolls, some of the interesting payout use cases can be — gig worker payouts (like Uber drivers), betting and gaming, creator payouts, and so on. Ideal solutions should abstract away all complexities of blockchain and wallet creation & management, giving a web2-like UX while leveraging the efficiency of digital dollars to attract a wider audience.
  6. Remittances: Solving the huge problem of remittances via USDC while building efficient on/off-ramps at both ends (receiver and sender) - the overall flow costs should be lower than traditional remittances. The creation of FX Markets on-chain by leveraging multi-currency stablecoins like USDC and EUROC, along with AMMs and Order books, can also be researched further.
  7. Charity: Enable anyone to donate from anywhere while allowing organizations or individuals the flexibility to spend USDC or withdraw it to cash. For e.g., the UN sending USDC to displaced Ukrainians.
  8. USDC as Store of Value: Just like any form of money, USDC serves as both a “Store of Value” and a “Medium of Exchange.” Think of ideas leveraging Store of Value. For instance, DAI uses USDC for the store of value while itself being a stablecoin. Individuals and businesses in countries with volatile currencies can leverage USDC or EUROC to hedge against inflation and use it as a store of value. Researching newer use-case and geography-specific Go-To-Market strategies for increasing USDC market cap is also encouraged.

⚙️ How It Works:

  1. This Grant Program will work in waves. We will run waves of the applications and payouts every 6-8 weeks. Focussing on projects that increase the total number of wallets with USDC accounts on it.
  2. Submit the application form (won’t take more than 10 minutes!).
  3. Wait for 72 hours to hear back with a decision. In case no approval is received within 72 hours, you can presume that the grant is rejected.
  4. If approved, you'll receive an email notification for onboarding and further steps. 50% of the grant amount will be paid out in the next payout cycle.
  5. As you build, update the community once a week on your progress, and use the community resources, grantees’ weekly meetings, and talent pool to make your project a reality.
  6. Submit finished work for feedback, review, and distribution, and to receive the pending 50% of the grant amount.

🤝 Guidelines

  1. Be concise & precise: Being clear and concise is always helpful. Bonus points of the application contain well-defined technical details (wherever required).
  2. Build what the ecosystem needs: Beyond our listed areas of focus, if you have any unique insight regarding what the community’s current needs are, feel free to apply for a grant for that as well.
  3. Feasibility: We’ll prefer if you have some relevant proof of work or if you’ve done any prior work demonstrating feasibility.
  4. Differentiation: Your application should make it clear how your project is differentiated from other similar projects across relevant ecosystems.
  5. Open source: All code produced should be open-sourced. Any content produced is free to access and not behind a paywall. And any community activities are written about for others to learn from the effort.

🏆 Good stablecoin projects previously made

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