Pyth Network Grants

Pyth Network Grants

💸 Get up to $5K to use and grow Pyth Network in India

Superteam is supporting Pyth Network Grants, starting with a Developer and Community Grant Program. The Grant Program is meant for projects and communities broadly working on taking crypto cross-chain. This grant projects has a dual focus, (1) funding developers building dApps, integrations, dev tooling, tutorials for other devs, and for technical contributions, and (2) funding community builders and organizers who can create content, host events, workshops, etc., do whatever it takes to bring Pyth to their local communities. Anyone with an idea and some proof of work is welcome to apply and receive funding decision for a $1 - $5,000 grant within 48 hours. Upon approval by their team, payouts will be made as per Pyth Network’s monthly grants cycle.

🔍 Areas of focus

  1. Pyth Integrations: Use Pyth to get accurate, updated data across chains for your DeFi apps.
  2. Developer Education: Create short videos, explainers, and technical tutorials, to generate awareness and technical knowhow about Pyth, its benefits, and how to use it.
  3. Community: Sponsorships for hackathons, university initiatives, workshops and other events to bring Pyth to your local developer communities.
  4. Dev Tooling: Create tools, programs and hacks making it easier and faster for engineers to integrate Pyth into their dApps.

📥 Apply for an Instagrant now.

We receive tens of applications every week, and may not have the time to give detailed feedback on every application. Please keep that in mind before you apply.

⚙️ How it works

  1. Submit the application form (won’t take more than 10 minutes!).
  2. Wait for 48 hours to hear back with a decision. In case no approval is received within 48 hours, you can presume that the grant is rejected.
  3. If approved, you'll receive an email notification for onboarding and further steps. 50% of the grant amount will be paid out in the next payout cycle.
  4. Update the Community once a week on your progress, use the community resources, grantees weekly meetings, and talent pool to make your project a reality.
  5. Submit finished work for feedback, review, and distribution, and to receive the pending 50% of the grant amount.

🤝 Guidelines

  1. Be concise: Being clear and concise is always helpful.
  2. Build what the ecosystem needs: Beyond our listed areas of focus, if you have any unique insight regarding what what the community’s current needs are, feel free to apply for a grant for that as well.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply for an Instagrant?


How fast is "Instant"?

We try our best to get you a decision within 72 hours.

What criteria will the panelists use to evaluate grants?

We prefer projects that 1) yield meaningful results, 2) without too much delay, and 3) are executable by the team/individual proposing.

What conditions apply?

The only condition is that you keep the community updated on a regular basis as your project progresses.

What is the philosophy behind the Instagrants program?
  • Proof of Work > Credentials. Anyone is welcome to apply for Instagrants, given they have enough Proof of Work to make the review committee believe the work will get done.
  • Speed > Perfection. We want to give grants rapidly. Not perfectly. We trust people to get work done.
  • Believers > Consensus. As long as a minimum quorum of the reviewing committee believes it's a good use of funds, we will fund it.
Will I receive feedback on my proposal if it is rejected?

Unfortunately, our sponsors do not have the ability to provide individualized feedback at this time.

Make sure you read and agree to the Terms of Engagement here.

Have a question that isn't answered here? DM @neilshroff#2180 on Discord for help.