Find Your Local Superteam

Find Your Local Superteam

What is Superteam?

We’re a community of operators, developers and grantees who value the sovereignty that comes with founding a company, the skin in the game that comes with investing, and the joy that comes with getting sh*t done. In a pre-crypto world, we had to fit into broiler categories -- founder, investor, or employee. Crypto allows us to be free-range and be all three at the same time.

Each local Superteam is composed of up to 150 Members who - by virtue of their Proof of Work - have earned their spot in Superteam. Our Members collaborate on each other’s projects, provide mentorship and guidance, and generally serve as evangelists for each other.

What Does Superteam Do?

We’re dedicated to helping talented people around the globe Learn, Earn, and Build on Solana.

📖 Learn

Check out Solana Core - the world’s most comprehensive Solana program and Solana Cookbook - a developer resource containing all the essential concepts for building on Solana

💸 Earn

Find all the earning opportunities up for grabs in the Solana Ecosystem - including both freelance and fulltime work - on Superteam Earn.

⚒️ Build

Want to chew glass but don’t have an idea yet? Find inspiration on Superteam Build - an ideas repository for things you can build on Solana. If you already have an idea, apply for an equity-free Grant.

Ready to Get Involved?

Follow the links below and we’ll see you on the other side!

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