IRL Supermeets

IRL Supermeets

🏠 Meet Likeminded Builders, IRL

Supermeets are back! This time for all the web3 curious builders, creators, and operators out there! Supermeet is an initiative by Superteam aimed at bridging the gap between talent and the earning opportunities in the Solana ecosystem. Attend to gain access to resources, programs & experts that can help you start learning, earning and building!

🔈 Join Us If:

  • You are a web3 dev building on Solana or just getting started,
  • You are a web3 dev who is still exploring and curious about Solana,
  • You are web2 dev transitioning into web3 and looking for community support,
  • You are a founder building on Solana and looking for talent,
  • You are curious about web3 in general!

⚡ Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Superteam, the Supermeet series, and meet Superteam members in your region,
  2. Learn about how Superteam works, earning opportunities (bounties, missions and grants),
  3. Get Superteam rewards (XP, earnings and entry into the community)
  4. Learn about the fastest way you can get involved with Superteam and Solana, and other such alpha!

Have a question that isn't answered here? Write to us at [email protected].