Startup Village HQ

Startup Village HQ

This page has everything you need to know to get the most out of your time at the Startup Village.

🎯 One Thing

If there is one thing you remember from this page, let it be this — it’s all about the people.

You will be among the top 1% Solana talent in the country. Make the effort to get to know your fellow residents and you’ll find co-founders, collaborators, teammates, customers and hopefully make some friends along the way.

Don’t network and try to collect contacts. Instead, paper hand your nervousness. Get to know people. Share ideas that inspire you. Contribute thoughtfully when others share an interesting idea. Ship something together.

🏠 Venues

The startup village is being conducted across three venues:

  • The co-living locations are Zo House & BYOC. Your specific accommodation will be assigned during the opening ceremony.
  • The community co-working space is Shipyard. You will need to be here for the opening ceremony and a few other events listed in the agenda below.
  • There will be some transfers available for those who are punctual.

📜 Agenda

Everything under the “Agenda” column is a core part of the village experience and hence mandatory.

The fun activities and Shipyard calendar is cooler but optional and by registration only. If you see a Luma link for an event you’re interested in, you need to sign up to attend. If you want to host a side event DM Aditya or Shek to get it listed on the calendar.

Fun Activities
Shipyard Calendar
Tue, 16
Orientation at Shipyard 12:30 pm: Lunch   2pm: Programming • Get the most out of the Startup village by Aditya • Blinks workshop by Shek • Sorting ceremony by Paarug Transfers, check-in & dinner at respective houses
Wed, 17
Co-working at your respective houses or Shipyard.
1. State of DePIN with Prakash, DeCharge 2. God mode for DeFi with Prastut, Asgard
Thu, 18
Co-working at your respective houses or Shipyard.
Fri, 19
Project Roast at Shipyard 11 am: Attendance mandatory, roast optional.  Your first idea is often not your best idea. So share it as a  prototype, figma or presentation to get candid feedback that helps you iterate or move on.
Tech Quiz #5 with Guru Dev
Sat, 20
Blinkathon Day 1 at Shipyard • 11am: Kick off at Shipyard.  • All day office hours & jam session with Shek & Irffan.
Sun, 21
Blinkathon Day 2 • Co-working at your respective houses or Shipyard. • Submissions due before 11:59 pm.
Mon, 22
Blinkathon Project Review at Shipyard • Get feedback on your Blink. Most viewed and used Blinks win prizes.
1. Social Media & Distribution with Tushar & Paarug 2. Tax 101 with Sid
Tue, 23
Co-working at your respective houses or Shipyard
Wed, 24
Co-working at your respective houses or Shipyard
Thu, 25
Rehearsal Demo Day  • Pitch feedback & design review • A very special guest joins us.  • Live Community Call.
State of Consumer apps with Aditya & Yash A, B
Fri, 26
Hacker House Day 1
Sat, 27
Hacker House Day 2
Sun, 28
Goodbyes & checkout by 10am.

🏕️ Attendees

Get to know your peers

📝 Community Rules

We have a few rules that we ask you to follow while you're here:

  1. Substances: No smoking or consumption of illegal substances inside the hostel premises. No underage drinking. No consumption of alcohol at the hostel at all.
  2. Open door policy: All doors will be open between your wake up to sleep times. Be approachable and collaborate, talk to everyone!
  3. Language: Do not use harmful language of any kind (no racial slurs, gender-specific insults, etc.).
  4. Share: If you’re ordering food, be sure to ask your roommates or anyone you’re working around if they’d like to get something too.
  5. Noise: No loud music or excessive noise between 10pm and 10am.
  6. Jackass rule: Don’t be a jackass. Be kind and respectful to others and all shall be fine.

🔗 Quick Links

🗓️ Calendar  

Subscribe to this calendar so you can stay in the loop about all events. DM Aditya or Shek if you’re hosting an event and would like to add it to this calendar.

📣 WhatsApp  

All comms & announcements will be made on our WhatsApp community. Please ensure you’ve joined from the link in the welcome email.

🚢 Shipyard

Fresh off the presses, this is a community organised co-working space in Indiranagar.

All demo days, speaker sessions & workshops will be conducted here.

👾 Updates

If it’s not on CT, did it really happen?

If you tag or DM Superteam IN as your share updates, we will RT as many as we can.

🛌 Sleeping arrangements

Stay allocations will be shared at the orientation in Shipyard on Tuesday, 16th. All roomies will be decided at random. Please follow the open-door policy, i.e. all rooms to be remain open and walk-in for any other attendees during the daytime.

⏳ How will your day look?

  • Mornings & evenings are for working on your project & getting to know your housemates. Please ensure you attend the morning standup & evening group updates.
  • Everyone needs to attend the orientation, project roast (you can choose not to be roasted), blinks day & closing demo day at Shipyard.
  • There will be speaker sessions & workshops at Shipyard on all other afternoons. If you’d like to attend these pls ensure you RSVP for each event separately here as capacity will be limited.
  • Startup Village calendar here, please subscribe to it on your Google Calendar so that you are upto date with what’s happening.

🍕 Food & Drinks

  • Breakfast on buffet will be on from 8 AM to 10:30 AM. Mostly vegetarian breakfast.
  • Lunch on buffet as well from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Mandatory communal lunch with all the residents at this time.
  • Dinner on buffet will be on from 8 PM to 10:30PM.
  • Coffee & Diet Coke will be stocked and available throughout the day.
  • Wastage will be looked down upon strictly and we may cut off anyone who wastes food from the tab after a warning.

❓ Frequently asked questions

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What is mandatory?
Can I invite my friends over to use the workspace?
What shouldn’t I bring?
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