Build on Solana @Hackathons
Build on Solana @Hackathons

Build on Solana @Hackathons

Solana will be giving away cash prizes of $100 to $500 for the best hacks built on Solana during Devfolio community hackathons. Ambitious teams that are creating public goods for the Solana ecosystem and looking to continue working on their project beyond the duration of the hackathon shall also be for grants from the Solana Foundation of up to $USDC 5000!

To be eligible for these prizes, the hackathon you are submitting at should be a partner hackathon. Check with them before you proceed, and ask them to jump on this opportunity!
If you’re a hackathon organizer, write to us to have this Solana track prize and more at your upcoming hackathon.

🏕️ hackathon prizes and bounties

young gun

$100 for best project beginners just starting out on Solana
$100 for best project beginners just starting out on Solana

rising teknoking

$250 for best project that goes into depth, demonstrating higher order code
$250 for best project that goes into depth, demonstrating higher order code

master glasseater

$500 for the best advanced project that is almost ready for full-time development
$500 for the best advanced project that is almost ready for full-time development

🧠 themes, inspirations and RFPs

We’re open to all kinds of projects across themes; but here are a few things we’re actively thinking about these days in case you’re looking for some inspiration!

  1. Promote Decentralization. Create developer tooling, community projects focussed on promoting and bringing more decentralization to Solana as well as the world at large.
  2. DAO Tooling: Create coordination, communication, and payments tools for communities using Solana as the backbone of their infrastructure.
  3. Developer Tooling: Create tools, programs and hacks making it easier and faster for engineers to built the next generation of dApps on Solana.
  4. Consumer Payments: Build payments apps for consumers and businesses, making P2P payments, as well as commerce better integrated with the crypto ecosystem using Solana Pay.
  5. Streaming Payments: Make apps using Streamflow or similar protocols to make payroll, commerce, content and subscription management platforms that make users feel the full magic of streaming payments.
  6. Cause-driven building: We’re also looking to fund projects and research around using crypto to create a more inclusive financial system, and innovative solutions towards climate change.

🏆 previous projects awarded

📥 submitting your project

  • Submit the GitHub link of your publicly visible source code of the hack on Devfolio. Submissions with broken links shall be ineligible for prizes.
  • There must be clear description about the working of the hack in the README file. If the hack is live and can be tested, add the relevant links to that in the README file as well.
  • Create a short video demo of the hack and upload to YouTube or any video sharing site. Make sure that the person watching the video is fully able to understand what the bot does and what its functionalities are. Share the link on your Devfolio Submission.
  • Make sure you've mentioned Solana in the Technologies Used section and selected the appropriate track while submitting the project.
  • You might get some bonus love from the Superteam Community members if you share your project with everyone on Twitter and tag @superteamDAO as well.

🥇 judging and payments

Projects will be judged consisting of members and contributors from Superteam. Awarding the prize will be at the discretion of the team, and subject to the submitted eligible hacks meeting a minimum bar of quality. Prizes will be announced within 72 hours and winners will be awarded within 2 weeks of the announcement. The amounts will be paid out in USDC-SPL and KYC will be mandatory to claim the payment.

🙋🏻‍♂️ mentorship and technical support

For more information, feel free to write to us at [email protected].