Streamflow Developer Grants

Streamflow Developer Grants

💸 Get up to $10k to Build Streaming Payments dApps

About Streamflow

Streamflow is a token distribution platform that enables individuals and organizations distribute tokens simply and safely. Their initial suite of products includes a protocol for streaming payments and solutions for token vesting and progressive payroll. There are also features which enable one-to-many payments, automatic withdrawals to the recipient wallet, as well as multi-sig vaults in the near future.

Streamflow’s aim is to make these services widely adopted by being the payment "rails" and enabling seamless integration of our services within other applications. Starting with Solana ecosystem, then expanding cross-chain and onboarding traditional (web2) projects.

To support developers as they integrate and build with the Streamflow SDK, Streamflow is sponsoring a grant program. This grant program is geared towards encouraging collaborations, development of new innovative solutions leveraging streaming payments as well as Streamflow integrations into existing apps.

All grants shall be paid out in two equal tranches, once upon approval of grant and once upon completion of the project.

Have an idea that leverages streaming payments? Apply here to receive up to $10,000 in funding.

🧠 RFPs and Areas of Focus

If you’re excited about the possibilities of streaming payments but don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas that would be good fits for receiving a grant:

  1. Drop-in Payment Forms: Create plug-and-play forms allowing any project to simply drop in a form enabling them to offer streaming or vesting payments within their app
  2. Subscription Management Platform: Use Streamflow protocol to handle subscriptions for content creators, streamers, and so on. E.g., An example Pay-Per-X App would allow business owners to share instructions for subscribing (link or QR code) to their users. The user could then subscribe by scanning the QR code with their wallet. They would then regularly top-up the stream while the business owner could integrate his services with a monitoring module which would automatically remove access if the stream is canceled/expired. If the wallet runs out of money, the stream finishes, and the unlocked content is locked again.
  3. Yield Accruing Streams: Create a tool for converting USDC to cUSDC before the stream, then creating the stream, then converting back to USDC on withdrawal
  4. Automated Workflows: Create a tool for creating automated workflows for organizations to manage and dispense their budget across an organization. Example: A new crypto team has set up a basic org structure. Departments: Marketing, Engineering, BD. The tool allows them to set up recurring transfers from the master wallet so the monthly budgets are dispensed to each department. Bonus points if you can assign percentages based on monthly revenue to the organization.
  5. Generate PDF Report based on Completed Streams: On request, the tool generates a PDF document with all the details about the stream.
  6. Stake Tool with Auto Withdrawal: Users can stake (lock) SPL tokens, a stream is created to the address that deploys the asset. The accrued stake is auto-dropped into the user's wallets.
  7. Farm Tool with Auto Withdrawal: Implement a tool to deploy a farm (pool token) and earn rewards on it. For example, earning $ORCA on a pool on Orca. The earned farm token is auto withdrawn to the wallet that deployed the capital.
  8. Create Payable Links: A user can create a payable link, if the counterparty confirms the transaction, then the stream starts according to the configuration chosen by the creator.
  9. Integrate Streamflow to Defillama: Hook up Streamflow TVL and other statistics to Defillama.

If you have an idea for a project that’s not listed here, feel free to make a proposal and apply for a grant, we love to see new and creative use-cases for Streamflow! 🙂

Note: Streamflow receive tens of applications every week, and may not have the time to give detailed feedback on every application. Please keep that in mind before you apply.


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