The Purge

Every once in a while we carry out a purge wherein inactive members are moved to the contributor role.

Goals of the Purge

Superteam is a gated community of highly talented people. The “gated” here means that there is not just a high barrier to entry but also a maximum amount of people who can be members at a given time. The Dunbar’s Number of 150 is what we have been working with at Superteam India.

With this model, every Superteam will ideally reach a stage where this number is capped and a new influx of talented people is rendered impossible. Enter the Purge.

The Purge, along with being a fun event, enables the community to have a revolving door policy according to which people who became members but haven’t contributed much to the ecosystem/community for a while are relegated to a Contributor role.

This enables more talented people to get grants, become members and increase their activity in the community. It also pushes existing members to increase their contributions.

Criteria for the Purge

Those who have been members for a sufficient period of time (2-3 months) could be purged based on the following criteria:

  • They are not part of an active working group/project team
  • They have earned less than 100 XP in the last 2 months
  • They are not actively working or contributing in the Solana ecosystem (as a founder, employee, freelancer, etc)
  • They have had no significant activity on Discord in the last 2 months (contributed to a conversation or helped a member/contributor with their specific skill set, or expertise)
  • Additionally, members who have (repeatedly) violated the code of conduct especially by dealing in bad faith with other members/sponsors may be purged regardless of their activity and contribution.

If you have any other question about the purge drop us a note at [email protected].