Events Hosting Guide
Events Hosting Guide

Events Hosting Guide


👋 Hi there, aspiring Superhost!

We're excited you want to organise a Superteam event.

This guide offers tips and resources to help you throw an awesome event, whether it's your first or you're a seasoned events pro.

Still have questions after reading this guide and the FAQsFAQs? Reach out to @chrisdotsol.

📜 Guidelines:

Before planning your event, please note:

  1. Don't represent yourself as an official Superteam/Solana team member unless you have that role.
  2. Superteam does not typically accept sponsors, but may consider partnerships with merch suppliers, venues, etc. Please run any logos/promotion by @chrisdotsol.
  3. Branding Your Event:
    • Use Superteam branding per the Brand Guidelines,
    • Solana branding can be found here.
    • Please don't use Solana Foundation branding without permission.
  • 🔑 Guide Key:
  • 📎
    Represents a suggestion, idea, or pro tip to enhance your event planning and execution.
    Points you to a resource for further help.
    Indicates a requirement set by Superteam that you must follow to host the event.

1️⃣Step 1: Planning and Logistics

🏁Superteam Terms of Engagement